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Inefficient business processes are often tackled  by adding resources to combat the problem. This can be effective in the short term, but system and process improvements are scalable and cost-effective alternatives. A simple automation, report or reconciliation can, on the other hand, reap immediate rewards! The earlier an issue is identified, the lesser the impact on your business, so why wait? Let Claddagh Reporting help improve your business, with our Cheltenham-based accounting system and business process design, available to your business wherever you are. By automating your systems and processes, you can spend time more effectively, managing by exception, rather than by manual processing. You also reduce the risk of key person dependency. Trust Claddagh’s Cheltenham-based business process review to help streamline your financial systems and processes with an advanced finance and operational control review to drive efficiency, lower costs, improve processes and reduce errors.





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Claddagh Reporting can help streamline, optimise and digitalise your systems and processes.

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Our Methodology

As part of our Cheltenham-based business process review, we use the DMAIC methodology. This helps us to problem solve, perform gap analysis and effectively identify areas for improvement. The methodology is as follows:


Accounting System and Business Process Design in Cheltenham and UKDefine

First of all, we’ll discuss the issues you’re having and define the problem. This is done through a series of in-depth consultations, regarding your current processes and systems. Only when we’ve accomplished that can we start to develop a solution.



Once we’ve defined the parameters of the problem, we’ll set about quantifying it. How widespread is it? How deeply is the problem embedded into the way you work? Our business process review in Cheltenham and around the UK will help us discover this.



Once the problem is defined and quantified, we’ll undertake comprehensive analysis of your financial processes and systems, to identify the root cause of the problem. This will give us a firm understanding of which improvements can be made and where.


Accounting System and Business Process Design in Cheltenham and UKImprove

As part of our Cheltenham-based business process review, we’ll work with you to implement and verify solutions that address the root causes of your issues. Your new way of working will equip you with streamlined, optimised processes that make business easier.



We’ll give you the tools to maintain these improvements as your business grows and evolves. You’ll maintain your growth in a way that’s manageable, as your business moves from strength to strength, with the help of our Cheltenham-based business process review.

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